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Kevin Gard

Very helpful. I arrived late and asked if I could rent a road bicycle. They dealt with with straight away. Happy with service .

Kirven Antii

Great experience! My loved one got a fork service, new headset and bottom bracket plus some spare parts in very reasonable price. Very helpful and nice staff.

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Si quieres hacer una reserva o aclarar alguna duda sobre las condiciones de alquiler, por favor comienza por mandarnos un correo electrónico con tus necesidades.


Our Answer

We will get back to you with an estimation or a confirmation of your reservation. If needed, we will ask for additional details.

Final Details

The final arrangements have to be done. Please make sure that you are happy about the bikes sizes, pedal systems, helmets (if needed), etc.

Let us show

the way




We rent bikes at very reasonable prices. From 15 euros/day you can enjoy all the tricky and funny roads and paths in Alicante.

We provide you with any additional equipment you may need, as pedals and helmets.

We can also give you all the information you may need to enjoy Alicante on your bike.

We love riding. We love biking. We want you to enjoy the same routes we know so well.


Alicante is a very mountainous region. Most of the province is situated between altitudes of 500 and 1200 m. We do not have many high mountains, but we have plenty of them.

Our mountains and hills are home to some of the most known and funniest roads in the country.

Teams and bikers alike come here for training, testing new materials and photo sessions.

There is something here that not many places out there can match: our wheather. We have plenty of warm days even in winter. Riding in the morning or noon here in January can be as riding in August in Northern Europe.

You can discover and enjoy all that with a road bike. If you like going upo and down, you will love all this.

You do not need to go far from the city, as some of the funniest areas are even a stone-throw from the sea. Others are some kilometres away, but let us know provice you with some tips to enjoy them.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Rent a Bike TODAY!

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