Alicante Bike Rental

Discover our funny roads and tricky paths!

Electric Bike Rental

Enjoy your holidays with a pedal assisted bike. Get some train done while discovering all that Alicante has to offer.

Mountain Bike Rental

Alicante is the third more montainous regions in Spain. Discover our incredible paths and single tracks.

Road Bike Rental

More and more cyclists and professional teams come here in winter. Ride on the roads where they do their trainings.

Why riding a bike in Alicante?


Enjoying a new place is something both challenging and pleasuring. Riding a bike to discover that place is a fantastic way to see more things while exercising.

Alicante is the perfect place to be on a bike route.

We do not need to mention our weather, so plenty of sunny days and warm temperatures. All day in the winter days or preferably early morning or mid-evening during the summer, Alicante has the perfect climate for bike riding.

We have plenty of incredible curvy roads that host the Vuelta a España. Some of them run near the coastline.

Our mountains and hills hold tricky paths that demand the most from the bikers that ride on them.

So that being on a road bike, on a mountain bike or an incredible e-bike, be sure that you will be in the perfect place to enjoy while riding.



Why riding a bike on holiday?


If you are not the kind of person to do nothing all day long or that kind of person that loves exercise all days, riding a bike can be the perfect experience or the complement to your routine.

Moving around on a bike is useful to visit some places or to eat at a terrace or lounge near the beach.

Exercising is a good beginning to a great day. Cycling is a very low impact sport that scarcely provoque injuries.

Our Bikes

Our Bikes

Our bikes usually are second-hand bikes that come from our customers . They are quite new bikes in good conditions.


Our bikes have a complete check-out when they firstly enter our shop and are carefully revised before going out on a route.


Additional Services

You can get everything you need for your ride. Helmet and pedals are provided. We are here to make you enjoy your route, so please let us know about everything you need.

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